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DESCRIPTION:   Skill and strategy, and a bit of luck, all combine in this world-class game from Asia!
INSTRUCTION:   In this classic game, your goal is to remove all of the tiles by matching them in pairs. You can only match tiles that are not blocked by other tiles on their left, right or top.
RATING:  (out of 5)
PLAYS:   263953

New York, USA
9870 pts.
9290 pts.
Florida, USA
9250 pts.

4.CweetaspieIllinois, USA9250 pts.
5.melsta30Cuba City9240 pts.
6.tgfamilyof4New York9180 pts.
7.wendimrryelkton9090 pts.
8.MokushiSISRAEL9030 pts.
9.ddusaMichigan, USA9020 pts.
10.Wishing2WinAlabama, USA9020 pts.
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