Terms & Conditions

A.  General Game and Contest Rules

1.       Play for entertainment and enjoyment: All of PrizeRoom.com's games are designed for the enjoyment of our site visitors and contestants.

2.       Qualification to win prizes: Anyone anywhere can play the games and contests offered on PrizeRoom (Games). However, only citizens of the USA and/or Canada who are eighteen (18) years of age or older (as of their first day of game play) are eligible to collect PrizeRoom Points, win prizes or gain other incentives from play in any of the games.  All offers of prizes are void wherever restricted, taxed or prohibited by law.  Contestants may play PrizeRoom's games as often as they want, but only one prize will be awarded per contestant per 120 days.

3.       No purchase or fee required: No purchase is necessary to play any game or contest offered on PrizeRoom.com.  

4.       Fair Play principle: PrizeRoom will operate all its own and its sponsors’ games and contests fairly and without bias or prejudice. It is expected that contestants will operate in the same manner and will not attempt to corrupt the games and contests offered at PrizeRoom.

5.       Automated scripts: The use of scripts, bots or other automated systems of any type to play any of PrizeRoom’s games or contests is strictly prohibited. Contestants engaging in activity of this type are subject to immediate, total and permanent disqualification from all current or future games.

6.       Violations to fair play: Should PrizeRoom, in its sole discretion, determine that any contestant has violated any of the provisions contained in its rules and/or procedures, PrizeRoom is under no obligation to award any PrizeRoom Points, prizes or other incentives to that contestant.


B.  Contestant Identification and Verification


1.       Contestants: Anyone can play the games and contests at PrizeRoom.com with or without prior validation of their identity.  However, in order to win prizes, each contestant is subject to verification of certain age, identity, location, and other necessary qualifications. 

2.       Contestant Verification Form: In order to qualify to win prizes, collect PrizeRoom Points or take advantage of some of the incentives at PrizeRoom site and its sponsors’ games, eligible contestants must complete and submit an individual Contestant Registration Form.  Completing the Contestant Registration Form will allow each contestant to verify their personal log-in and password choices and other required identification and preference options. Completion of this form is required before any prizes, Points or other incentives are distributed.

3.       Contestant Identities: A contestant’s email address, personal sign-in name (username) and personal password will be his/her primary contestant identification (ID) when corresponding with or playing on PrizeRoom.com as a contestant. This information should be protected and not shared with others. Only one (1) registration for any individual game is permitted for each individual contestant.

4.       Multiple identities: Multiple registrations by a single person (playing under different names) will disqualify that contestant from winning prizes.  Contestants found to have multiple log-in identities or who have submitted multiple contestant verifications are subject to immediate disqualification for prizes offered by PrizeRoom or its sponsors.

5.       Revocation of contestant status: Solely at its discretion, PrizeRoom reserves the right to suspend or revoke the account of any contestant who violates PrizeRoom’s or its sponsors’ game, contest or prize qualification requirements, Points accumulation policies or other applicable rules and procedures.

6.       Disclaimer: When playing on-site, all contestants release PrizeRoom.com and its agents from all liability relative to the use of the prizes awarded herein.


C.  Contestant Eligibility


1.       Compliance with provisions: The eligibility of Contestants to qualify for or win prizes on PrizeRoom or to apply for any or all of the other values offered on the site or at sponsored games is subject to all of the provisions contained in these Terms of Use and/or any separate rules for individual games.

2.       Compliance with law: Due to US legal constraints and/or international legal, shipping and handling regulations, all prizes are limited to residents of the continental United States and/or Canada. Prizes may be declared void wherever taxed, prohibited or restricted by law. All prizes, Points, awards and other incentives are subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

3.       Email Availability: All contestants who wish to play for prizes, Points, and/or other rewards available through PrizeRoom must have an active and valid email address that is registered specifically to that individual.

4.       Residency: PrizeRoom’s games and contest are open to legal residents of the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec).

5.       Age Restrictions: US legal residents must be 18 years or older and Canadian legal residents must have reached the age of majority in their state/province of residence to win cash or merchandise prizes.  Underage players may not assign to any other (more senior) person a prize for which they might have been qualified had they been of legal age.

6.       Affiliates: Registered contestants who are also registered representatives in the PrizeRoom Affiliates and Sponsors Program will continue to be eligible to compete for and qualify to win prizes except for any of the games, prizes or incentives sponsored by their employing affiliate or sponsor.

7.       Ineligibility: Employees, officers and directors of InterMark, Inc, PrizeRoom, Inc. and its affiliated entities are not eligible to participate in contests or receive prizes.  Likewise, employees or direct agents of the parent or subsidiary companies of InterMark/PrizeRoom’s advertising an promotion representatives, fulfillment houses, website suppliers, agencies, legal advisors, consultants and/or their immediate family members and/or those living in the same household as these parties are not eligible to participate in contests, receive prizes or earn other incentives. 


D.   Playing the Games


1.       How to play:For information on how to play any specific game or learn how to qualify to win a prize, refer to the instructions on the individual game play screen.

2.       Follow the rules: Games must be played by answering the questions, taking the actions or solving the challenges presented by the game solely in the manner(s) indicated in the rules for each game.

3.       Changes: PrizeRoom’s games are dynamic and many may change frequently.  Depending on its design and content, a game’s composition and/or content may change upon re-play, on each time it is accessed or as stated at the start of each contest.  

4.       Game completion: Some games may require 100% correct completion for “game winner” qualification and/or PrizeRoom Points to be earned.  For these games, a contestant may qualify for a prize or earn points only when all questions for the current (or past) games are answered correctly -- regardless of how many tries it takes.

5.       Consistency: The rules for each game will dictate how daily games, and days missed, will be handled. Some games will allow contestants to accrue “Frequent Contestant”, “Active Time on Site” andBonus” points, etc.  If a period of play (day) is missed, some, but not all, games may have “make up” periods where days not played may be accessed and score potentials can be brought up to date. 

6.       Instant Winners: For some games, a contestant may become an “Instant Winner” if he/she qualifies on his/her first attempt of the day only.


E.   General Terms and Conditions


1.       Postcard entries: Generally, registration for PrizeRoom’s games, contests and incentives will be available online.  However, in some circumstances, mail-in entries may be required. In this case, all entries become the property of PrizeRoom and will not be returned to entrants. Entries must be complete, legible, and submitted by the PrizeRoom account holder whose screen name and email address is provided to be eligible for entry.

2.       Responsibility: Any prize awarded can only be awarded to the authorized account holder of the email account associated with the PrizeRoom membership.  PrizeRoom is not responsible for incomplete, illegible, or lost post card entries.

3.       Automated Entries Prohibited: Users may only play the Games with one type, version or copy of browsing software application at any one time.

a.       Automated entries (including but not limited to entries made using any script, macro, bot, mechanical means or sweepstakes service) will not be accepted, and will be disqualified. 

b.       The use of machines, computers, scripts, macros, bots, or any automated system to play the Games ("Automated Cheats") is strictly prohibited and may result in criminal liability under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Section 1030 of the United States Code.

c.       The accumulation of tokens, jewels or other incentives generated through Automated Cheats is also strictly prohibited, regardless of whether the Automated Cheat was used in connection with your account.  PrizeRoom's determination of whether an Account is accumulating PrizeRoom Points generated through Automated Cheats is at and within PrizeRoom's sole discretion.

4.       Submission Dispute Resolution: In the event of a dispute regarding who actually submitted an entry via e-mail, the entry will be deemed submitted by the authorized account holder of the email account registered with PrizeRoom.

5.       PrizeRoom Points: PrizeRoom Points are to be acquired on PrizeRoom's site or in PrizeRoom’s Contestants Club games only in accordance with these Official Rules and other posted rules related to particular games or contestant programs. PrizeRoom has the right to immediately terminate a player's PrizeRoom account and permanently disqualify the player from access to games if PrizeRoom determines that the player has bought or sold or otherwise acquired points, tokens, jewels, incentives or contestant registrations for use on PrizeRoom's site for any purpose.

6.       Violation of Rules: PrizeRoom may terminate and permanently disqualify any entrants in any prize drawing or other activity on PrizeRoom's site who PrizeRoom, in its sole discretion, determines as being in violation of these Official Rules. If PrizeRoom terminates a player's PrizeRoom Account and/or disqualifies a player from the play of any game(s), the player will immediately lose any right of access to any points, bonuses, tokens, badges, jewels, incentives, titles, registrations and other digital content associated with his or her account.  All decisions by PrizeRoom are final.

7.       Misuse: In order to discourage and deter misconduct in connection with game play and prize drawings on PrizeRoom, in the PrizeRoom Contestants Club and/or Elite Contestants Club, or any other type of prize qualification procedure or selection process, PrizeRoom retains the right to place limits on the total number of points and/or bonuses players can earn in a given time period. These limits apply to all online and off-line games.

8.       Communication Concerns: PrizeRoom, its ISPs and internet servers, their parent, subsidiaries, and affiliated companies, agents, and representatives are not responsible for error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, or delay in operations or transmission; theft or destruction or unauthorized access or alterations of entry materials, computer transmissions, or for technical telephone equipment, electronic, hardware or software, network, Internet, or computer malfunctions of any kind; or failure to receive or inaccurate transmission of, entry information to or by PrizeRoom on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or at any Web site or any combination thereof, including for lost or misdirected electronic or regular mail, and will not make allowance for the occurrence of such mishaps even if such may affect the play of any game or contest.

9.       Technology Concerns: PrizeRoom, its ISPs and internet servers, their parent, subsidiaries, and affiliated companies, agents, and representatives" are not responsible for technical, hardware or software failures of any kind, lost or unavailable network connections, or failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed softwaretransmissions which may limit a participant's ability to participate, or damage user's system as a result of participation, or downloading any information necessary to participate in PrizeRoom’s games, contests an incentives (“Games”).

10.   Early Termination: If technical difficulties compromise the integrity or ability to continue online registration or play, PrizeRoom reserves the right to terminate the Games prior to the stated date by which all registrations must be received.

11.   Compliance: By participating in the Games, the entrants agree to be bound by the Official Rules. These rules will be interpreted in PrizeRoom's sole discretion, and all determinations made pursuant to these rules by PrizeRoom are final and binding.

12.   Losses and Damages: PrizeRoom, its ISPs and internet servers, their parent, subsidiaries, and affiliated companies, agents, and representatives are not responsible for:

a.       Any condition caused by events beyond their control that may cause the games, the entry process, or the website to be disrupted or corrupted;

b.       Any injuries, losses, or damages (compensatory, direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise) of any kind arising in connection with or as a result of any prize, or acceptance, possession, or use or misuse of any prize, or from participation in the Games;

c.       Any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the games or the entry process. PrizeRoom reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or cancel games in whole or in part, in the event of technical or other difficulties.

13.   Hold Harmless: By participating in PrizeRoom’s or its sponsors’ games and contests, each participant agrees to release and hold PrizeRoom, its parent, subsidiaries and affiliated companies, and the employees, officers, directors, shareholders, agents, representatives of PrizeRoom, its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion, and fulfillment agencies, its ISPs and internet servers, and its legal advisors, harmless from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind in connection with the games and contests, the entry process, or resulting from acceptance, possession, or use or misuse of any prize, including without limitation, personal injury, death, and property damage, and claims based on publicity rights, defamation, or invasion of privacy.

14.   Entries: All entries become the exclusive property of PrizeRoom, and as such, PrizeRoom has the right to edit, adapt, modify, publish, promote and otherwise use or not use the entries and the information contained therein in any way it sees fit. Entries will not be returned.

15.   Legality: All federal, state, provincial and local laws and regulations apply.

16.   Information:  A copy of these Official Rules may be obtained by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: PrizeRoom Official Rules, PrizeRoom.com, 9845 Bankside Drive, Suite 1100, Roswell, GA30076.


F.   Notification of Winners


1.       Tournament Prizes and Certification: Persons who qualify as winners of competitive tournaments will be verified and certified within two weeks of the tournament end date. 

2.       Notification: PrizeRoom will notify winners by e-mail. PrizeRoom is not responsible for late, lost, or misdirected notification. Email notifications do not constitute a guarantee of payment of any kind.

3.       Winner Verification: PrizeRoom will verify the eligibility of the winners prior to awarding any prize.  In order to be declared a winner, Canadian residents may be required to correctly answer a time-limited skill-testing question.

4.       Non Transferable: Prizes may not be transferred.  If necessary, PrizeRoom may substitute prizes of equal or greater value at its sole discretion.

5.       Non-acceptance: In the event a winner does not or cannot accept any prize for any reason within seven (7) days after being notified by PrizeRoom by email that he/she is the winner, his/her prize will be forfeited.  

6.       Certification: Winners will be required to agree (in writing) to an Affidavit of Eligibility and to provide their full name, address, and date of birth, and, where lawful, a Liability and Publicity Release within seven (7) days of notification, or winner's prize may be forfeited.

7.       Fulfillment: When possible, applicable merchandise prizes offered at the start of the contest and cash awards, as checks in U.S. dollars, will be mailed, within sixty (60) business days after PrizeRoom's receipt of the winner’s completed Affidavit of Eligibility and, where applicable, a Liability and Publicity Release and/or other necessary documents.

8.       Winner’s Liability: The winner of any prize is solely responsible for any and all federal, state, provincial and/or local taxes and/or duties, to include applicable income, sales, excise, use, and customs taxes, duties, registration fees, shipping and handling costs or other such expenses that may accrue to that prize. Unless otherwise designated within the Rules of any individual game or contest, PrizeRoom, its agents, its affiliates and/or its sponsors shall not be responsible for any such expenses.

9.       Publication and Promotion: By accepting the prize and executing the Liability and Publicity Release, each winner agrees that PrizeRoom may post his or her name on a list of winners, and may use the winner's name, voice, likeness, biographical information, winning entry and statements accurately attributed to a winner for the purpose of advertising, trade, or promotion purposes without further notification or compensation.  Such information shall not compromise PrizeRoom’s Privacy Policy.

10.   Winners List: A list of recent winners can be viewed at www.prizeroom.com.  A list of winners for any game may be obtained by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: PrizeRoom Winners, Attn: Fulfillment Department, 9845 Bankside Drive, Suite 1100, Roswell, GA30076.


G.   Disclaimers


1.       This contest is void in every national, local, or other jurisdiction in which it is prohibited, regulated, or restricted by any law, statute, regulation or other appropriate authority. Accordingly, PrizeRoom, its agents, its affiliates, and its sponsors do not warrant that this contest may be entered legally in any and all particular jurisdictions.

2.       By entering this contest, each participant warrants that he or she has read and agrees to abide by all contest rules and that he or she is not prohibited from participating in this contest by any applicable law, statute, regulation, or other appropriate authority. The participant further agrees to release PrizeRoom, its agents, its affiliates, and its sponsors from any and all liability arising from or related to any game, contest, tournament or other incentive program.

3.       Due to international shipping and handling regulations, only residents of the Continental United States and/or Canada are eligible to compete for and receive prizes.

4.       By registering with PrizeRoom.com and playing PrizeRoom.com's games, registrants consent to the use of their name and/or likeness for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation.

5.       PrizeRoom, its agents, its affiliates, and/or its sponsors reserve the right to terminate any game or contest, or to modify any rules, as may be deemed necessary for fair play of any other reason or as required by applicable law.


H.  Copyrights and Restrictions


1.       Copyrights: This website and all graphics, formats, pages, images and descriptive materials within it are © Copyright 1998 to Present, InterMark, Inc., Roswell, GA. All rights are reserved worldwide.

2.       Trademarks: PrizeRoom, PrizeRoom.com, Games With Prizes, YEAH!, Gamelin, the Gamelin logo and the Gamelin character and other applicable names, images and marks are trademarks of InterMark, Inc., Roswell, GA. All rights are reserved worldwide. All other logos, names, products and services used on or referenced within this site are trademarks of their respective holders.

3.       Restricted Rights: Use, duplication, or disclosure by the Government is subject to restrictions as set forth in subparagraph (c)(1)(ii) of the Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software Clause at DFARS 252.227-7013.


I.  Contact Us


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